I'm Morgan. I'm a desert rat currently involved in a passionate love affair with the sea. I also like nerdy stuff, arty stuff, and a dude with curly hair.

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all alone during winter break at hogwarts*

Track: Problem
Artist: Natalia Kills


Cause there's no salvation for a bad girl
We’re rock bottom
But there ain’t no stopping
Cause they don’t know nothing about love

I don’t know how I’m gonna sleep tonight. I messed up. dang.

Track: Bizness
Artist: Tune-Yards
Album: Whokill

life pulls some shady shitty shit sometimes

Track: Everybody Wants To Be A Cat
Artist: Psapp
Album: Rewind! 5


"Everybody Wants to Be a Cat" (cover) from The Aristocats

Sung by Psapp.  A wonderfully unique re-imagining of this Disney tune.  Several musical genres thrown in.


Incredible painting work of the austrian artist Gottfried Helnwein!!